A peaceful place of comfort, and hospitality services,
where you can really relax at the end of a day of cycling.
You cycle in.  Padre does the rest!

Real Hospitality
You remember what it's like to be on a real vacation. A place where someone else has
all of the responsibility for your comfort. A place where you don't have to worry about
your bags, your tent, or those other amenities that make a trip enjoyable.

Do you really enjoy lugging those bags and setting up your own tent. If you do then
don't read any further, this service isn't for you.

But if you want to spend time on your bike instead of setting up camp then,

Padre's Cycle Inn:  First Class Service

Highest quality tents and air mattresses
Comfortable Chairs
Bicycle pump and work station for your convenience.
Padre's Post, a shaded area to relax with a cold drink and snacks
under our Canopies.
Good friends
Friendly, helpful staff.
Your oasis at the end of the riding day.
Real People
At Padre's Cycle Inn you'll find real people that are interested in you. People who will
treat you the way that we would like to be treated. People who don't make excuses
but who look for opportunities to make your stay the best it can be for you.
Real Peace of Mind
"Leave the worry to us," was the old commercial. In short, have some fun, some rest,
and some peace while you enjoy your ride. That's why we say, Do not be troubled.
Padre's Cycle Inn  LLC
Relax with Padre at the Cycle Inn and find out why Padre says,
"It's all down hill from here."

In the old days the Inn was
travelers gathered to spend
a restful night and share
good stories with good

That's why we chose to use
the name
"Inn", because we
do so much more than rent
tents. Our goal is to make
your stay as enjoyable as
possible. Here's how.

1. Complete tent set up and
tear down. Your room will be
waiting for you at the end of
your ride day in one of our
high quality Sierra Design
tents, and the best, thick, air
mattresses available.

2. A comfortable camp chair
and fresh, clean towels each
day. Padre's Post, (a canopy
shaded area) for Padre's
People to gather, to laugh
and enjoy the snacks and
cold drinks all provided by

3. Luggage transportation in
enclosed vehicles. You will
never have to spend the
afternoon looking through
hundreds of bags to find
yours. Padre transports all of
his patrons bags on our own
trucks so they will be waiting
in our own holding area near
the campsite when you
arrive from the ride
Don't let yourself be troubled.
normally fill quickly!
And we limit Katy Trail  &  Ride the Faultline and tents.
Register Early and don't risk losing out!
sure to check each events
page for that information.

Sorry, no refunds will be
given if the cancellation is
received less then one
month from the start of the

INSURANCE is available
through McKay Insurance
and other agencies.

This insurance is very
reasonable. Please do not
pass it up and then expect
me to issue a refund when
something unexpected
happens. That's what
insurance is for!

We do not sell or receive any
compensation for insurance